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David, a 26-year-old cook, has pursued additional training to manufacture artisanal ice cream in Italy. Now he wants to put this training to use to become self-employed. Chill follows his journey from the Greek island of Mykonos via Italy to the Dutch city of Gouda, with David adapting and refining his dream to open his own shop along the way. David is my nephew.
David starts out on Mykonos. Despite not having his own company yet, he makes ice cream. Under difficult conditions – long working hours with a working space of only 40 by 40 centimetres at his disposal – he produces 120 kilo’s of ice cream a day to the best of his abilities.
Back in the Netherlands, together with his childhood friend Tjeerd, David starts up his own company: David’s Gelato.
In Turin they even purchase a genuine Piaggio for vending. During their preparation time in Moordrecht they already begin selling their own ice cream.
Two years after Mykonos, David opens up his first independent shop in Gouda. It is an immediate hit, so David directly starts making new plans.

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