Exhibition Обличья `Faces´, a must see


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The exhibition Обличья `Faces´ in Saint Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music openend last Thursday, November 24th 2016. It is a must see! Take your time, it is open till February 14th next year. Lizaveta Matveeva (25) was invited by the museum to curate the show. She lively brought back the rise of underground culture in Soviet Russia of the mid-80s and 90s. The time when Avant-Garde artists, musicians, representatives of various subcultures – of punk, rock, the New Wave – were mingling and gave birth to a unique phenomenon of alternative fashion with shows often turning into performances.
The exhibition is an experience you may not miss. The opening was a reunion for everybody who joined those inspiring years.
The museum was so nice to invite the participating artists living not in Petersburg to stay in the beautiful Hotel Indigo in centre of town, me being one of them. 

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