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Committed and meticulous portrait of artists from the Moscow subculture. The great inspiration Garik, founder of the artists’ movement Aidaluli, puts on all his crazy suits for it.


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Aidaluli (2000)

Garik Kolomeichuk, founder of Aidaluli.

Garik Kolomeichuk, founder of Aidaluli.

Aidaluli was made with financial support of
•The Netherlands Film Fund
•Amsterdams Fund for the Art
•ThuisKopie Fund


Garik, his real name was Oleg Kolomeichuk, was a colorful character in the primarily grey Russian Soviet life. A performer, a designer, an artist, an agitator, a Dandy, a guru, a Prince of the Holy Emptiness.
He and his fellow Aidaluli followers , a handful of unofficial Moscow designers, turned their back on the West, plundering Soviet history and modern flea markets for inspiration. Because materials were scarce, most had learned to be expert scavengers. A bolt of military drill cloth, a cheap nylon brassiere, medals that once decorated an officer’s cap – no object was too lowly, too ugly or too sacred to be pressed into service.
Trying to escape from conventions, these designers parade their creations on the streets as performance art. Their guru was able to persuade you in a flash that punk was a Soviet invention. But unlike Western punkers of the 1970′s, with their shredded T-shirts and safety pins, Soviet punks, liked to dress up, usually in the castoffs of the privileged class.
Garik’s own closets were crammed with flea market finds: a garish assortment of vintage neckties, floral-patterned shirts for men, filmy baby-doll nighties, motorcycle jackets and a pinstriped Christian Dior sportcoat. The highlight of the collection is a long, old-fashioned overcoat Garik calls the ”Dead Spy.”
Garik’s followers have picked up his irreverent style. In the documentary Aidaluli Katya Filippova, German Winogradov, Petlura & Lady Bronya, Katya Rischikowa are portrayed.
They were able to find new ways to express themselves when communism was replaced by capitalism but Garik couldn’t. He lost the emergency of making art and finally he lost the emergency to live and unfortunately died in 2012.
Garik Kolomeichuk
Ira Sokolowa
Wiselisa Kolomeichuk
Stepan Kolomeichuk
German Winogradov
Katya Rischikowa
Katya Filipowa
Petlura & Lady Bronya

Director, script
Mirjam van Veelen
Artume Tchernov
Micahel Kozhevnikov
Floor Kooij & Mirjam van Veelen
Yukafilm & Mirfilm

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