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48 min, Mali, French & Bambara, Dutch subtitled.

Documentary portrait of the Dutch Franca Berkvens and her exceptional non governmental development projects. Berkvens is married with a Malinese man but lives and works in Amsterdam. Every year she visits her family in Africa; one day she starts to help their family, friends and villagers to develop projects. The filmmaker follows Berkvens during two of her trips. We learn about the projects but also about the difficulties the women come across due to their different social and cultural backgrounds.


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Beautiful Mali (1999, documentary )

Beautiful Mali
Franca Berkvens, Oumou, Gogo, Ante.
Written, directed, filmed and produced
by Mirjam van Veelen.
Post Production & Edit by
Rafael Croonen, RAV Animated Visuals
Bought and broadcasted by the Dutch TV
This film was made possible with financial support of
RVU, NCDO, Mama Cash, Stichting Vive l’Initiative.

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