Design Poster: Blaffende Honden

Composer Chen Qigang and the Nieuw Ensemble
Both Poème Lyrique II and Concerto pour un instrument de silence are works by the Chinese composer Chen Qigang that were commissioned by the Nieuw Ensemble.
Chen Qigang left China for Paris after the Cultural Revolution, where he became the last pupil of Olivier Messiean. Chen Qigang’s refined harmonic language and instrumentation is influenced by the French composers Messiaen and Debussy. His style is also remarkable for the clever way with which he integrates traditional Chinese music, in the form of vocal techniques from Peking Opera such as falsetto singing, glissandi, and pentatonics, into a contemporary idiom.
Chen Qigang came to prominence in the Netherlands through his discovery by the Nieuw Ensemble, who presented him as part of Music from China, a concert series that introduced seven Chinese contemporary composers to the Dutch audience together with other composers such as Qu Xiaosong and Mo Wuping.
Chen Qigang, Poème Lyrique II for baritone and eleven instruments, music performed by Nieuw Ensemble, conductor Ed Spanjaard, soloïst baritone Shi Kelong voice poem Shi Kelong

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