Megumi (2008)

Megumi (2008)

William Raaijman

William Raaijman, saxophone player

Robin de Raaff &Maarten van Veenn

Composer Robin de Raaff and conductor Maarten van Veen

Music recording, DOelen Ensemble

Music recording, Doelen Ensemble

William Raaijman

Wiiliam Raaijman, saxophone player

Life performance of the original score of the film Megumi
January 2014 the film Megumi ( 52 min) will be shown in the Doelenzaal in Rotterdam after a live performance of the original music by Robin de Raaff, performed by DoelenEnsemble and Doelenkwartet (15 min). For more details about the program click here.

William Raaijman, saxophone player (1972-2007)
From the beginning it was my wish that my good friend and saxophone player William Raaijman would perform the silenced voice of Megumi Yokota. William introduced this idea to composer Robin de Raaff who in his turn always wanted to compose a work specially for William. That was the start.
Composer Robin de Raaff
Robin de Raaff finished his score for Megumi as a set of movements for saxophone solo and ensemble, performed by William Raaijman on saxophones and the Doelen Ensemble conducted by Maarten van Veen. The score for Megumi is dedicated to William Raaijman who died a few weeks after the recording sessions were completed.
About Robin de Raaff
Robin first studied composition with Geert van Keulen and Theo Loevendie at the Amsterdam Conservatory of Music where he graduated cum laude in 1997. In 1999 he was invited to work as George Benjamin’s only composition student at the Royal College of Music in London where he also studied with Julian Anderson.
Robin de Raaff worked with ensembles, musicians and orchestras from all over the world and 2009 he was the Winner of the Buma Toonzetters Prize 2008, Violin Concerto selected as best Dutch composition of 2008.
You can find more information about Robin de Raaff on

Megumi Original Score, performed by
Robin de Raaff
Maarten van Veen
Soloist saxophone
William Raaijman
Irene Kruik
Hans Woudenberg
Harke Wiersma
Frank de Groot
Ruben Sanderse
Wilbert Grootenboer

DOUBLE CONCERT, Robin de Raaff
Robin de Raaff
Concertgebouw Amsterdam
Matinee op de vrije Zaterdag October 1997
performed by
Radio Chamber Orchestra
Peter Eötvös
Harmen de Boer
Bass Clarinet
Harry Sparnaay

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