The Letter Painter, 11 min, NL, English subtitled, 2018.


Documentary Poem,


In an empty Amsterdam law firm, on a snow white Saturday, a 78-year-old Dutch letter painter paints quotes of the famous writers who also worked as a lawyer on the walls of the meeting rooms: Franz Kafka, John Grisham and Frans Bordewijk . During the paint process the painter remembers his dramatic youth which matches every quote he paints.
A poetic esthetic documentary film without music but the sound of a human voice, the crayon and a paint brush. A film in which literature, an almost dying handicraft and a personal story meet each other starting with Franz Kafka´s quote from The Trial “But I’m not guilty,” said K. “there’s been a mistake´.`Followed by John Grisham´s quote “Don´t compromise yourself. You´re all you have`. Last but not at least Bordewijk´s quote: The process is less interesting than the person.


The Letter Painter: Gerard Wessels
Idea, Photography, Edit, Production: Mirjam van Veelen
Sound Edit: Patrick Dekker
Postproduction: Rafael Croonen, RAV


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