The Letter Painter, 11 min, NL, English subtitled, 2018. 

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In an empty Amsterdam law firm, on a snow white Saturday, the 80-year-old Dutch letter painter Gerard Wessels paints quotes of the writers Franz Kafka, John Grisham and Frans Bordewijk on the walls. During the paint process the painter unfolds his  traumatic youth that matches every quote he paints.


Franz Kafka: But I’m not guilty,” said K. “there’s been a mistake.
John Grisham: Don´t compromise yourself. You´re all you have
Frans Bordewijk: The process is less interesting than the person.


A poetic aesthetic documentary film with the single soundtrack of a human voice, the crayon and a paint brush. A film in which literature, an almost dying handicraft and a personal story meet each other.  



The Letter Painter: Gerard Wessels
Idea, Photography, Edit, Production: Mirjam van Veelen
Sound Edit: Patrick Dekker
Postproduction: Rafaël Croonen, RAV


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